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Trade Course :Draughtsman Mechanical
Duration: (Duration: 4 semesters of six months each)
Course Content:
Importance of safety and general precautions, Nomenclature, Description and use of drawing instruments & various equipment in drawing office, Terms & definitions- polygons and circles, Units of dimensioning, system of, Dimensioning, Method of dimensioning and common features, Planes and their normal, projections, Constructions of different types of scales, their appropriate uses, Definition of Intersection & interpenetration curves, Theory of projection, Principle of isometric projection, Principle and types of oblique projection, Types of perspective projection, Different type of machine screw, Purpose, terms, different types of key, Types of fastening materials, Safety precaution descriptions uses and care of hand tools, Description of measuring tools and hand tools used in forge work, Description of parts of Lathe & its accessories, Brief Description of milling shaping slotting and planning machines, Name and brief description of common equipment necessary for sheet metal work, A.C & D.C Motors ,Brief description of internal combustion engines, Types of assembly drawing, Introduction to computer-DOS, windows & Introduction to AUTO CAD, Brief description of different types of pipe joints, Use of gears in transmission of power, Use of cams in industry, Brief description of petrol, diesel and gas engines, Working principle of valves and their description, Structural Steel B.I.S. Specification for rolled sections, Lay out of Machine foundations, General arrangements and of drawing, standard method of drawing, Numbering of drawings and standard parts. Familiarization with B.I.S. 696.
Skills acquired:
After completion of the course the trainee shall be able to sketch and draw the Mechanical and automobile parts drawing and assembly drawings, trace an original drawing on tracing paper, be able to take out the ammonia prints and blue prints, shall have the Computer knowledge to develop and draw the drawings by using AUTOCAD software.
Options for employment are :

The trainees can work as a Draughtsman in almost all mechanical and automobile production industries where the designing and drawing departments are maintained; they can work as tracer in state and central Govt. departments, supervisor in small scale industry.

Options for self-employment are :
Trainee can take contracts for drawing and tracing work from different industries; Trainee can start an AUTOCAD training center.
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