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Trade Course :Mechanic Motor Vehicle
Duration: (Duration: 4 semesters of six months each)
Skills acquired:
Introduction to the trade, Occupational Safety & Health, Systems of measurement, Hand & Power Tools, Fasteners, Cutting tools, Limits, Fits & Tolerances, Drilling machine, Hand Reamers, Introduction to Heat treatment, Introduction to Metallic and Non-metallic Coatings, Introduction to Welding Processes, Sheet metal worker’s, Basic electricity, Basic electronics, Lathe, Introduction to Hydraulics, Introduction to Pneumatics, Maintenance, Introduction to computer basics, Introduction to Engine, Auto Industry in India, Diesel Engine Basics, Compression-ignition engine components, Spark Ignition engine, Engine Components, Valves & Valve Trains, Description and function of Crank shaft, Description and function of the fly wheel and vibration damper, Engine assembly, Basic cooling system components, Diesel Fuel Systems, Marine & Stationary Engine, Emission Control, starter motor circuit, Study of different major components & assemblies of heavy vehicle, Clutches & Manual Transmissions, Final Drive & Drive Shafts, Automatic Transmissions, Steering Systems, Suspension Systems, Wheels & Tyres -Wheel types & sizes, raking Systems , Antilock braking system & components, Study of Motor Vehicle act Rules & Regulation, Petrol Engine Basics, Intake & exhaust systems , Gasoline Fuel Systems, Introduction to Electronic fuel injection, Introduction to EFI Engine Management, Ignition principles, Charging system, Starting system, Lighting system, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning, Airbags, Industrial training OR Project work preferably in cross sectoral trades.
Skills acquired:
After completion of Mechanic Motor Vehicle trade course, the trainees shall be an expert in servicing, repairing and major overhauling of motor vehicle like Scooter/Motor Cycle, Cars, Trucks and Buses, etc. Maintain all types of vehicles by attending to periodical maintenance work of suspensions, transmission, brakes, steering work, basic electrical and electronic work, etc. Fault diagnosis in petrol/diesel engines including MPFI engine, engine fitted with turbocharger, engine scanning, car A/C system and different relay operations, Road testing of vehicle for fault finding.
Options for employment are :

Work as a Mechanic in reputed workshop/service center; Work as a Driver

Options for self-employment are :
Start his own workshop/ Service Station, Spare Parts Shop, Tyre, Tube repair shop, Battery repair shop. Can work as an Auto Electrician
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