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Trade Course : Information Technology & Electronic System Maintenance
Duration: (Duration: 4 semesters of six months each)
Course Content:
Introduction to NCVT and its certification mechanism Occupational Safety & Health, Electrical Basics Battery /Cells Electrical components and protective devices Passive components Analog Electronic components Basic Test and Measuring instruments Electrical and electronic cables, sockets, connectors, preparation and terminations Soldering & Desoldering various components Digital Electronic ICs Opto Electronic components Analog electronic circuits Digital electronic circuits Wave shaping circuits Linear Integrated circuits CRO Power electronic components Power electronic circuits Power supplies Stabilizers and SMPS Switching circuits UPS PCB preparation, Repair and Design (including SMD components) Microprocessors Microcontrollers Optical fibre cables, components and systems PC HARDWARE, OS AND NETWORKING MS word MS EXCELMS Power Point: Laptop basics Maintenance of optical and wireless Mouse Servicing of Remote Electronic Communication basics and Antennas card swiping machines barcode readers Charge-Couple Device ( CCD ) biometric systems principles of LCD projectors Electronic billing systems display panels Various features of digital weighing scales Washing M/c Microwave oven vacuum cleaner.
Skills acquired:
On completion of the trade course the trainee will be able to understand and operate Electrical components and protective devices, Passive components, Analog Electronic components, Measuring instruments, Electrical and electronic cables, sockets, connectors, preparation and terminations, Soldering & Desoldering various components, Digital Electronic ICs, Opto Electronic components, Analog electronic, circuits, Digital electronic circuits, Wave shaping circuits, Linear Integrated circuits, CRO, Power electronic components, Power electronic circuits, Power supplies, Stabilizers and SMPS, Switching circuits, PCB preparation, Repair and Design (including SMD components, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Optical fibre cables, components and systems, PC HARDWARE, OS AND NETWORKING, MSword, MSEXCEL, MS Power Point, Maintenance of optical and wireless Mouse, Servicing of Remotes, Electronic Communication basics and Antennas, Industrial sensors and Actuators. The trainee can independently install, test & repair common household electrical and electronic equipment’s & gadgets, general office equipment, personal computers & peripherals, Operate, test & maintain measuring instruments.
Options for employment are :

Computer System Maintenance Personnel; Supervisor in Electronic Assembly Units; Electronic Technician (Assembly, Test, Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Quality control); Communication & Office Equipment’s Maintenance Personnel

Options for self-employment are :
On completion of the course the trainee can undertake repair of Computer Hardware peripherals & maintenance; Electronic & Electrical Maintenance & Repairs (Audio System, TVs, VCDs, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens etc.); General Office & Communications Maintenance (Telephone, Fax, EPABX etc.); Setup & Maintain Cyber Café’s Internet, E-mail & Allied Communications & Software Services (Browsing, Scanning, Printing, Computer Typing, Telephone, Fax, Xerox, Leasing of System & Projectors)
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