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Trade Course :Wireman
Duration: (Duration: 4 semesters of six months each)
Course Content:
Scope of the trade, introduction to electricity & safety precautions, common hand tools, classification of electrical materials, basic electrical terms, work, power & energy, electrical measuring instruments, introduction to fitting work, introduction to carpentry work, introduction to sheet-metal work, computer awareness, office package & internet, common electrical accessories, electrical basic circuits, domestic wiring - methods, installation & testing, earthing, planning, estimation & costing of wiring, industrial type common hand tools, industrial wiring commercial wiring, industrial wiring installations, planning, estimation & costing- preparation of layout for domestic, commercial & workshop electrical installation, magnetism & electromagnetism, d.c. generators, motors & starter, A.C. fundamentals, 1- ø & 3ø circuits, A.C. generators, motors & starters, power wiring for dc & ac motors, transformers, overhead lines & distribution of lt power, substation equipments, types of substations - indoor, outdoor & pole mounting, U.G. cable, batteries-types, testing & maintenance.
Skills acquired:
On completion of course, the trainee will be expert in industrial and domestic wiring, rewinding, fractional HP motors. Repair of electrical equipment and machinery. Installation and maintenance of overhead lines. Fault finding in machinery like lathe machine, drilling machine used in workshop and factories. Servicing and repairing of Table fan, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, Hair dryer, mixture liquidizer, Grinder, Water pump, washing machine, geyser, heater; A.C./D.C. circuit. Estimate cost of different types of wiring used in domestic and industrial wiring. Work on different types of insulators, earthing used in substation, power station, lighting arrestor, reactor etc. He shall be able to prepare HT/CT panel boards designing of panel boards used for industry/work shop. Fault finding in different types of A.C. and D.C. starter motor used in factories and workshops. Connection of different types of measuring instruments which is available on panel board etc. used in factories and workshops. Assembling and repairing of different types of lamps used in electrical workshop and factories. Expert in hand winding and machine winding of transformers, field coils of D.C motors, rewinding of Armature, stator winding, electric bell/buzzer N.U.C., O.L.C., of DC starter etc.
Options for employment are :

Can work as a lineman/Wireman/Wireman supervisor/Wireman sub contractor/ contractor/ Technician Wireman in Govt. Sector/Pvt. Sector.

Options for self-employment are :
He may be a wiring contractor, wiring supervisor, Wireman in domestic and industrial wiring; he can run his own electrical workshop for rewinding traditional H.P. motors, repairing electrical equipment & machinery.
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