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Trade Course :Fitter
Duration: (Duration: 4 semesters of six months each)
Course Content:
Familiarization with the Institute Importance of safety and general precautions, Bench vice construction, types, uses, care & maintenance, Files- specifications, Marking off and layout tools, Calipers- types, material, Surface plate and auxiliary marking equipment, Physical properties of engineering metal, Drilling processes, Micrometer , Anvil and swage blocks, Measuring and checking tools, Heat treatment, Safety precautions to be observed in a sheet metal workshop, Solders, Rivets, H.P. welding equipment, Oxygen acetylene cutting, Safely precautions to be observed while working on a lathe, Lathe cutting tools, Chucks, General turning operations, Screw thread , Drill- material, Grinding wheel, Preventive maintenance-objective and function of P.M., section inspection; Introduction to Renewable/Green Energy, Keys and keyways, Lapping, Honing, Fits, Bearing-Introduction, Hardening and tempering, Case hardening and carburizing, Drilling jig-constructional features, Fixtures, Pipes and pipe fitting, Aluminium and its alloys, Power transmissions, Pulleys, Lubrication and lubricants, Bio Mass Gasification, Installation, maintenance and overhaul of machinery and engineering equipment, Wind Mill, Foundation bolt: types
Skills acquired:
On completion of the course he shall be able to independently prepare machine components, using skills such as filing, hack sawing, chipping, drilling chipping, reaming, screw cutting and scrapping, individually handle precision measuring instruments and read machine drawing, also handle various fitter tools and operate different machine such as drilling machines. Operate lathe machines, grinding machines, electric welding transformer, power hacksaw machines and an advanced C.N.C. drilling machine. Acquires allied skills such as welding, sheet metal work, forging, turning and pipe fitting. Capable of repairing and overhauling different types of machines.
Options for employment are :

Bench fitter in manufacturing industries; maintenance fitter in shipping industries and oil rigs; erection in various industries; fabricator for windows/shutter in small workshops; Stores clerk in an Engineering stores.

Options for self-employment are :

Can set up own workshop for fabrication and structural work such as grills, gates, steel; furniture and shutters; can carry out repairs and maintenance of domestic water pipe line individually; can manufacture cutlery such as chopper, knife, axe and chisel; can manufacture and repair locks and keys; can undertake repairs of machines.
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