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Trade Course :Mech. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Duration: (Duration: 4 semesters of six months each)
Course Content:
Applications and History of Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Occupational Safety & Health, Study of Fitting hand tools, precision measuring tools & their use, Files and drills, Types, specifications, Uses, Sheet metal tools and equipment, Electrical hand tools & measuring, instruments, Introduction to Electricity, Safety precaution and first aid, Simple electrical circuit, A.C. Motor, starters and transformer, Introduction to Electronics, Principles of semiconductors, rectification, Block diagram of computer, Features of Office Package, Introduction to basic, principles of commonly used Welding processes, Welding tools and equipment, Fundamentals of Refrigeration, units and measurements, Heat and Temperature, Types of Refrigeration systems, Study the types of Refrigerator construction, Study the construction of Frost Free (2 or 3 door) Refrigerator, Study the faults, Causes and their remedies of Refrigerator, compressor, motors, condenser, expansion valve and , drier , evaporator, refrigerant, retrofitting, thermal insulation, refrigerator, three door refrigerator, introduction of domestic air conditioning, window/room AC, split AC, split AC (wall mounted), split AC (floor & ceiling mounted), cassette air conditioning, water cooler, visible cooler and bottle cooler, deep freezer, ice cuber, ice candy plant, ice cream plant, cold storage, commercial compressor, water cooled condenser, cooling tower, water treatment, evaporator, expansion valve, central air conditioning, duct, air filters, split AC (ductable), multi split AC, package AC, split package, centralised/industrial air conditioning, direct ex-system, indirect/chiller system, study of humidification & de-humidification, construction, and study of commercial AC plant, automobile AC, construction, working of car AC.
Skills acquired:
On completion of the course, the trainee will be able to Test, repair, overhaul and calibration of various Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems, Installation, assembly & repair of refrigeration and air conditioning plant. Manufacturing technique of deep freezer, bottle coolers, and air conditioners Gas charging, fabrication work, preventive maintenance of refrigeration system. Installation service and repair and car air conditioning. Trouble shooting and overhaul of compressor plant setup and operation.
Options for employment are :

Work as Refrigeration and A/C Technician in Industries and factories like – Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and Beverage plants; Manufacturing units – Godrej, L.G., Blue Star, Voltas; Defense services – as Plant Operator/Mechanic.

Options for self-employment are :
The trainee can set up his own: S.S.I. unit – For Deep freezer, Bottle Cooler, Water Cooler; Repairing workshop – Refrigerator and a/c equipment; Ice manufacturing unit, Cold storage on rental basis, Ice-cream/cold drink house, Bottle Filling plant.
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